Saturday, April 28, 2012


This week I was so short on time (too many late hours at work)-thankfully I had a head start and had my card done by mid week. Now the page was the  challenge -I Loved this image I found of Norway and knew I wanted to use it for my page-I tried to re-create it twice without success- So when all else fails just collage it, altered it, and hope it works! So the land of mountains, vikings, waterways, and churches were my subject matter this week; especially the Fjords and Borgard Stave Church. Enjoy!

Front of Card
This card was done using Liquiditex acrylics.
The card was based on an old poster for tourism
in Norway. I loved the view of Stave Church.
The background was done in the paint, the buildings & brick wall
were hand cut out and outlined in markers.

Back of Card
So you did guess correctly- Alexander Graham Bell was my
great, great, grandfather.
But explain to me why you were at a sheep auction?Do you raise sheep?
I loved the pottery you purchased-some day I Will share some pics
of the pieces I have collected on my travels.
This card is from a trip I took in the past.
Take care of yourself,

Page In Book

The background image was the one I fell in love with.
I tried to stay with using acrylics this week ,but I just
couldn't achieve the tones-so I printed it out twice-once in color& once
in black and white. I did a lot of fussy cutting to leave the  side mountains in
B&W . The  foreground water reflection is the color copy; but I altered
that to blur the canoes , and ship that was part of the original picture.
Next I used some viking clip art of the ship- hand colored with acrylics.
The Viking  clip art was colored with colored pencils.
So not what I wanted to do; but it turned out well.

Page in Book w/Card
So this is the final page with post card in place.
I love how the two mountain ranges sorta line up with each other.

So another week is done~ wonder where we are off to next?

Happy Creating Everyone,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 16~ ROMANIA

So another week of travels for our two "Acquaintances"- This time Darcy picked the country of Romania-Full of Dracula stories and tons of castles. I prefer to think of Romance when it involves Romania-like sweet food,flowers, beautiful pottery , rugs and shawls. So this was  the direction I went this week -bright ,colorful  and  things that make us feel good & beautiful. (instead of dark & spooky werewolves & vampires).

Front of Card

I based this card on a some pottery & rugs  I found on the internet.
Done in Prismacolors colored pencils- Romania produces
some really amazing rugs influenced by Turkish  designers.

Back of Card
So Mr. Graham I finally know you full name! I'm guessing you must be a relative to Alexander Graham Bell-given your famous "family line"-
Also  I referred back to your previous postcard from Canada;
which said you were attending a gala at a museum in honor of your relative-
Am I'm correct?
Your job I have no idea-so please share.
I'm in Romania at a sheep auction -for my farm.
Brought a new shawl and pottery
Can't wait to hear from you soon,
Melite "

Page In Book
A bright & colorful  shawl based on an postage stamp from
Romania .
This was done in  watercolors and gouche.
I believe the original was actually a rug ,but I wanted something
to keep Melite warm and make her  feel beautiful.

Postcard in the Book

So Let's do a quick  four month review-
 Melite & Alexander have been writing to each other for over 4 months now-
They met in Austria; of which Melite has no memory of-
Alexander finally revealed his full name to Melite recently
(his job is a mystery yet?)-
Melite's last letter from Romania relates "She can Not Wait to hear" from Alexander again....
Are you still wondering where this story is going?
   Well keep coming back to read more.

            Happy Creating

Saturday, April 14, 2012


WOW week 15 Already? This week I enjoyed the process of finding my images to try to do a large collage piece. I knew the Aurora Borealis  & glaciers had to be a part of the postcard. I found  some really amazing images on-line, tried to re-create them (this was was not so easy)...  Finally settled on using a photo background, and placed a hand drawn  snow covered  mountain range in the center. Oh yea I also included the fluke of a whale -since whale watching is a big tourist event.

Front of Card
Photo background (source internet) mountains were done
with black and white paint pens.
Foreground has several layers of black paint added and
wiped off to give shadows.

Back of Card
Yes once again you certainly do ask so many questions...
You are correct in requesting my full name since I've known
yours for four months-
Alexander Iliad Graham.
If you review my previous cards you realize what I do for a living.
Sorry for being so secretive, but given my famous family line
I need to be careful with whom I share my name with.
Glad you're home and recovering!
Heading home after trip
to Iceland.
The background is a light water color wash of the colors in the Aurora Borealis.

 Page in Book

Once again I found  all these amazing images on-line. The  glacier on the right
was extended across the left side of the page by using water colors.
Other images include a Puffin , Icelandic poppies and the Flag of Iceland.

Page with Card in place

Well I had a great time making this page and card -
 Now off the ROMANIA.

Happy Creating

Thursday, April 12, 2012


So this week I  was BEHIND on all my projects (prepping for Easter ). Then on top of this I  hit this brick wall of per exhaustion - due to the fact I was not home the last 3 weekends -So when it came time to do my challenge I didn't have the energy to work on it at night  during the week -So this posting is late; but I did get it done. Darcy choose the country of Singapore. Oh the topics could be anything from colorful birds , plants, temples, or Buddhas, or the many islands that make up Singapore. I choose the city  of Marina Bay - The buildings are amazing and the way the city was planned in the 1970's is an exciting story in itself. Being this year is the Year of the Dragon I chose to make a dragon my main topic and the city skyline for my page. Enjoy . 

Front of Card
The background image is from the Chinese New Year Celebration
over the Marina Bay area. The dragon was based on the Chingay Celebration
dragon . It was done in flocking and glitter with a little paint pen outlining.

Back of Card
So Close but yet so far away- Sorry we did not have a chance
to meet each other last month!'
I have been home for the last several weeks-Memory is slow to return, but the one
thing I would like to know- What is your Full name? You've known mine for over 4 months - So spill the Beans!
Also you mention your business ventures, but never say what your job is?
I know once again so many questions...
This postcard is from my friend's trip to Marina Bay , Singapore
Until Later,
 The background image is by a Singapore Artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quck-to see more of his work  go here:

Page in Book
Main image is a copy of the map from downtown Marina Bay Singapore.
I search the internet for individual photos of the primary and interesting
architecture - Made snap shops of each of he buildings and collage them to
the background- water colored crayons for  sky & water.

Page in Book with card

So another week done - Now off to the next country
       Happy Creating