Thursday, March 29, 2012


This week I had  more time to work on my card & book   - So I returned to more of my hand done artwork- Also because I knew at the beginning of this challenge what I would use as my topic for the country of Turkey- TROY;  I was able to complete my card quicker. I love all  the ancient ruins,  the  history of the glorious & romantic stories of  the Trojan Wars - Who wouldn't Love Achilles, Helen of Troy and all the gladiators in their wonderful armour? This land also has many hidden clues about my male character's  legacy (as the story progresses it will all make sense).
 But better yet, the  poet Homer wrote beautifully of the area in his books "Iliad & Odyssey"- The quotes/poems from these books are some of my favorites . So as Homer wrote about Troy:

"It was built  against the will of the Immortal Gods, and so it did not last for long"

But this challenge will last and I can't wait for the next country!!

Front of Card

Used a photo of a  sunset over the Black Sea (internet)
Lower left corner has a photo cut out of the Trojan Horse used in the movie Troy.
Lots of black Pitt pen over the top of this to get details. Lower right
corner has an outline of the ruins left at the city of Troy.-all done with markers.
(sorry for glare but the  markers turned out glossy on photo paper)

Back of card
Back ground of card is a tile mosaic of a Turkish rug pattern -white wash over top
Quote reads: "The roaring seas and many a dark range of Mountains
lie  between Us" ~Homer

Correspondence reads:
WOW so strange that we were just across the
Mediterranean Sea at the same time...I'm on a holiday
visiting a land so Dear to my heart-Troy, Turkey. This
ancient land is amazing- so many ruins and great beaches,
Turkish carpets & mosaics like this one!

Page in Book
The main building is a water colored picture of the
'Blue Mosque'- Lower left corner is a sample
of the gorgeous beaches in Turkey- Center item
is a pack of the world famous Murad Turkish
cigarettes - Lower right corner is a bust of the writer Homer
By the way TURKIYE is the proper way to write Turkey

Page with Postcard in Place

Well this week was fun -hope everyone had a great week
Happy Creating!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Rough week for everyone with this country(or so I have finally read) -I didn't have as much time to complete my card due to external issues. But as it so happen I had plenty of ideas, just many of them were not easy to complete. When Darcy posted Israel I thought of the "Wailing Wall"  right away; but then I remembered the wonderful bodies of water near Israel:  Dead Sea , Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea or the Sea of Galilee? After much thinking I  couldn't think  how to make an postcard  incorporating   all those seas; so I chose the Dead Sea, the Statue of Faith and of  coarse  a 'sand' Castle.The best thing  about the postcard & my page ;was my friend had just received travel information from Israel , so I had plenty of materials  to use on my card.

Front of Card
Background is a pictures of the Dead Sea(source travel brochure)-Lower right is the "Statue of Faith" Tel Aviv-(source internet)Lower left is a castle (source travel brochure)

Back of Card
Lots of things happening on the back. I used the  gel transfer  technique to put Hebrew writing in the upper part of the card,  a copy of the Dead Sea scroll on lower left and Menorah in the lower right . I found a copy of an old post card heading, that I placed on the top of the card. All this was covered with a light coating of linen acrylic paint and partially wiped off with baby wipe.
Correspondence from Melite to Alexander:
"Thank you for writing  back to me so quickly-When I contact Franceso
I Will be sure to ask her who Pierre is?
Well as you can see I have made another
side trip -Israel.  I'm taking in all the religious shrines and of
coarse the "Dead Sea"- The buildings are amazing, lots of colorful
mosaics, so I'm getting a lot of paintings done. Heading
to Eilat to go diving at the Coral Beach Reefs.
Until Later,

Page in Book

                                                      This page isn't fully complete but you get the flow- I
used the map from the travel brochure and
cut out  several images -The modern buildings in Tel Aviv are
awesome pieces of art- then  you travel east and see the wonderful religious sites
of the Wailing Wall & Jerusalem city  - Such contrast in one old country.

Well Until next week
Enjoy the Journey & Happy Creating!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Week 11 finds us in the country where a vast majority of it's  land mass is under sea level-Netherlands.
Netherlands  is well known for tulips, wooden- shoes , bikes, canals and the famous windmills. It was home to many famous writers, scholars and  artist such  as: Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Hals, Mondrian, Peter Paul Rubbens, but my favorite would have to be Johannes Vermeer- who did "The Girl with the Pearl Earring". But with all this information; I wanted to stay true to my character and chose my subject matter to be architecturally influenced. I found this amazing building in Hilversum-"Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid". Which means the Dutch institute for Sound &Vision. It is a cubed shaped building; 5 floor above ground and 5 floors below. The building holds the national broadcasting archives and its glass covered exterior is breathtaking. The actual glass has pictures of different shows-like multiple TV screens   with every changing channels (follow this link to learn more :

Front of Card
                                                              This was done with watercolors and paint markers.
                                                  The Neutelings Riedjik Architectural firm designed the building
                                                  as well several other famous building throughout the world-They
                                                  submitted a plan for the WTC Memorial, but currently the US project
                                                  they are working on is at the Art Museum in Cincinnati , Ohio.

Back of Card
I know I just wrote to you, but I just remembered something about
Austria. The night you were going to supper with your Friends, you mentioned
you hope Franceso did not bring Pierre with her. Hope this helps.
Oh Yea! when I left Belgium last month I stopped off in Hilversum,
Netherlands-Visited the Dutch Institute for Sound & Vision.
Amazing "cubism" architecture!!
 Background has windmill stamped images and Lindy blue mist over it (that's why blurry)

Page in Book
Used several images of tulips, Dutch wood shoes and
image of the "Girl with the Pearl Earring" all downloaded
from the Internet- The windmills are done with Prismacolored
pencils, sky is watercolors and canal is mixture of both.

Once again I had a blast venturing to a new land-Now off to have
an arting weekend with my friends.

Happy Creating!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


OH CANADA- The land north of where I live ( one hour away from  my house) what a place to visit!!When gas prices were cheaper and way before 9/11, Canada was my stomping grounds. I would drive to Ontario area every fall just to take photos of the fall colors &  I love  Niagara Falls area- lots of outlet shopping, mountains, beautiful turquoise lakes and Rocks! The Canadian Rockies are a premier area to visit if you love gorgeous mountain settings -or so I have been told - I have always dreamed of going to Jasper National Park, especially Spirit  Island, in Alberta . This little piece of land extends into Maligne Lake, the location is just breathtaking. The most clear turquoise blue water ever! (fed by mountain glaciers) The "island" tour is a must to get a feel of how spectacular the Canadian Rockies are- This place is so wonderful I had a hard time deciding how to convey the beauty- Four post cards later I decided this was the one...

Front of Card
This is a print by a awesome Canadian artist TIMOTHY SORSDAHL-
His work is influenced by many but includes DaVinci& Dali
(bio can be found here :
I made a copy of it in3x5 size then I took several Golden Glazes and extend the picture
to fill the rest of the card - found a nice moose outline and put in the
center  gazing out at all the beauty.

Back of Card
Background was made using an image of early communication devices.
Correspondence reads:
Well I’m in Canada attending another museum gala-this one in honor of my great-great grandfather though.( I’ll tell you about him later…)
Back to all your questions- yes I did escort you back to the hotel lobby in Austria. Yes- we did meet again the next day to do the ‘private tour’ at Kunst museum. After the tour you were to meet up with friends for supper. I must confess I so wanted to go with you-Especially  given the circumstances. By the way
Canada is Vast,  lots of Mountains and beautiful  blue lakes-like Spirit Island (artwork by Timothy Sorsdahl).
 Page in Book
                                                              More simple page- map of Alberta, skier, Royal
                                                               Mountie, Maple leaf with an  Outline of a  hockey player.
                                                         I wanted the postcard to be the primary focus so this page is
                                                           much more basic compared to other  pages.
                                                               BUT with the postcard in place it is colorful.!

                                        Here is a link to view what the real Spirit Island looks like:

  Well that is this week's posting .
Can't wait to see where
Darcy sends us next week-
BTW Darcy I will not be packing a swimsuit to go here~  
             Water is fairly cold in most of  Canada

 Happy Creating!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Week 9 ALREADY? Just seems like we started this challenge -but once again Darcy picked a great country. I thought of several  Swiss  items-cheese, watches,army knives, skiing , beautiful mountains and of coarse the home of banking. None of these stimulated my creativity-so off to the Internet to explore. In the process I came across a fact that Luzern is home to  the oldest covered-bridge of Europe .The Chapel Bridge (Kapelbrucke); which was built in the 1400's and contains several 17th century paintings.A fire in 1993 nearly destroyed the bridge ; but it has been restored for all to enjoy.  I happened to find this amazing poster showing the bridge, mountains. and cityscape-thus this was  my inspiration for this week's  postcard.

This was  done using Prismacolor colored pencils (took 4 days)-
Lots of layers of multi colors in each section and lots of blending.

BACK of postcard
Correspondence as follows:
So I finally get to know your first name!Even with this information my memories of
Austria remain lost. The new "healer" I'm working with in Switzerland suggested
I ask you a few questions. Such as when we departed in Austria -
Did you escort me directly to my room?
Did we meet each other again-like the next day?
Any clues will be appreciated-Going home soon maybe with more
familiar surroundings I can recover.
Take care,
Notice the background has several stamped images of watches, Swiss flag etc
Book Page

The LION MONUMENT is another famous landmark of Luzern Switzerland.
The etching 'Helvetiorum Fidei AC Virtuti' means "To the loyalty and Bravery of the Swiss"
The carving was done  along a limestone riverbed  to honor of the Swiss soldiers
killed serving the French king Louis XVI,
during the French revolution.

So another week down and 33  43 more to go!
Happy Creating ,