Saturday, March 10, 2012


OH CANADA- The land north of where I live ( one hour away from  my house) what a place to visit!!When gas prices were cheaper and way before 9/11, Canada was my stomping grounds. I would drive to Ontario area every fall just to take photos of the fall colors &  I love  Niagara Falls area- lots of outlet shopping, mountains, beautiful turquoise lakes and Rocks! The Canadian Rockies are a premier area to visit if you love gorgeous mountain settings -or so I have been told - I have always dreamed of going to Jasper National Park, especially Spirit  Island, in Alberta . This little piece of land extends into Maligne Lake, the location is just breathtaking. The most clear turquoise blue water ever! (fed by mountain glaciers) The "island" tour is a must to get a feel of how spectacular the Canadian Rockies are- This place is so wonderful I had a hard time deciding how to convey the beauty- Four post cards later I decided this was the one...

Front of Card
This is a print by a awesome Canadian artist TIMOTHY SORSDAHL-
His work is influenced by many but includes DaVinci& Dali
(bio can be found here :
I made a copy of it in3x5 size then I took several Golden Glazes and extend the picture
to fill the rest of the card - found a nice moose outline and put in the
center  gazing out at all the beauty.

Back of Card
Background was made using an image of early communication devices.
Correspondence reads:
Well I’m in Canada attending another museum gala-this one in honor of my great-great grandfather though.( I’ll tell you about him later…)
Back to all your questions- yes I did escort you back to the hotel lobby in Austria. Yes- we did meet again the next day to do the ‘private tour’ at Kunst museum. After the tour you were to meet up with friends for supper. I must confess I so wanted to go with you-Especially  given the circumstances. By the way
Canada is Vast,  lots of Mountains and beautiful  blue lakes-like Spirit Island (artwork by Timothy Sorsdahl).
 Page in Book
                                                              More simple page- map of Alberta, skier, Royal
                                                               Mountie, Maple leaf with an  Outline of a  hockey player.
                                                         I wanted the postcard to be the primary focus so this page is
                                                           much more basic compared to other  pages.
                                                               BUT with the postcard in place it is colorful.!

                                        Here is a link to view what the real Spirit Island looks like:

  Well that is this week's posting .
Can't wait to see where
Darcy sends us next week-
BTW Darcy I will not be packing a swimsuit to go here~  
             Water is fairly cold in most of  Canada

 Happy Creating!


  1. I love, love, LOVE your card!!! ♥
    It's so up my alley with all the colors! :)

    1. I love Tim's work - I tried to use his technic in another setting but it turned out terrible so that card was thrown out- Finally just settled on altering this print instead

  2. Fabulous card - I love all the colours and the moose is just perfect! Your page is super - especially the saluting mountie.

    Janet xx

    1. Thanks Janet! I was at few sites to see everyone's work -but I need to get lunch fixed before I explore some more.

  3. Stunning colours and I love the extending technique you've used. Your page is fab, just perfect for your card.

  4. Amazing card, beatiful vibrant colours. A xx

  5. WOW!!! I so want to use colour like that! Your pice has inspired me to have a proper go :D Still no wiser to what happened in the Museum...did something drop on her head??? :D XXX

    1. What happened to Melite? Final answer in the future Gina; but many clues are being given each week...
      Thank you for the nice comments- Like I said it took 4 cards this week to finally use this altered image.

  6. GORGEOUS,Joyce!! Love the moose touch!


  7. Wow! That is a fantastic print you chose. And I totally love your book page. I'm totally inspired to do mine this way. :)

    1. Thanks Natasha- I love this print too-(it is difficult to replicate )I'm really satified with the book too - When we are closer to the end of this challenge I will sew/bind all the pages into 1 book.

  8. wow!!! what a postcard, amazing card and colours. wish I could do something like that. a good storyline ...

    1. Mags Thank You for all the comments you leave weekly - The story is turning out well- It just so hard how much to convey each week...

  9. Great picture. love the vibrant colours

  10. You did a brilliant job extending the artwork, love your postcard and the page is a perfect showcase for it.
    Jen x