Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heaven's Newest Angel

Heaven's Newest Sweet Angel
My Beloved Niece Tracy

( Taken October 1, 2011)
Our  Hearts have been broken -
My Beloved Niece was laid to rest this week after a long and Courageous battle with a multitude of medical issues. This beautiful, fun loving 35 year old lost her life way too soon.But I'm  so happy she had time this summer  to enjoy life by having fun with her friends and cousins ; like a young person should have had plenty of time to do.  Tracy did  live long enough to see both her much loved brother & sister get married;  and she was so happy to be an aunt in the future(regretfully she is now taking care of that nephew in heaven). She treated her God daughter like her daughter ; but her real baby was Harley ;her chihuahua(who misses his Mommy so much already). Tracy  had the most beautiful smile and amazingly loud , infectious laugh that filled the room;the vibe in the room would change instantly when she arrived - If it was quiet it became loud & fun.  She lived life to make sure  everyone around her had a great time- Her compassion for others was Amazing even when she was in pain almost daily.
All she wanted to be most in  life was a  Nurse (neuro-vascular patients were her favorite)- even though she suffered almost daily -she  did  not let her illness  impact her performance-she did every job ,she every had to the   to the fullest. Her co-workers,  the students she trained,  and patients loved her!  This last week her family has received an amazing amount of support  from all those people, but her multitude of family  and friends will Miss Her deeply, but we must take solace that she  is taking care of her beloved nephew Ethan; playing cards with her Grandpa Steve & Grandma Ginny, Uncles Bob, Don & Aunt Charlotte, and  she'll be there to greet my Father soon. 

 My comfort comes in the fact I know she is now stress free  & pain free.
Her  surviving  parents , brother & sister, grandparents , 10 aunts & uncles , know they will join her someday ; but we WILL MISS HER   and LOVE HER Every Day until then!
 I AM SO proud I was Tracy's Aunt and when  she left this earth to start   her
new journey;  she knew she was SO LOVED!!

The one thing I hope that comes out of this tragedy is:
We MUST  Love Our Family  Members even More-
If you have not contacted a Family member or friend in a long time - CALL THEM and tell them You Love them , because you may not have time do  to it  later.
Parents hug your children daily and tell them you LOVE Them !

I need some time to heal , but I will try to keep my blog up to date
and will post my projects at a later date.
TO ALL my wonderful Friends and ARTING COMMUNITY  .
Thank You for all the Support
 I Love all of You ,
Fotojoy/ Joyce


  1. Thinking of you and the family.
    Jen x

  2. Heartbreaking, so sorry for your loss, big hugs xxx