Saturday, September 8, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 36~ EGYPT

Well I'm back on track -last week we were in Hungary ( but I was on a mini holiday-so I will be posting card later) and Alexander wrote back to Melite some disturbing news [Remember come back for posting]- So this week Melite sends a card back to Alexander telling him of her upcoming trip to Egypt. Everyone knows Egypt is the land of Pharaohs, scarabs, King Tut , pyramids, the Nile River and of course the  land of sand dunes. Since I couldn't chose just one of these as my main topic; I honored them all on my  book page.

Front of Card
Did this watercolor based on a photo I found on the internet-
Thought it depicts so much of Egypt in one setting.
Loved the pyramids in the background and the
camel caravan was a great subject.
Back of Card
"My Dearest Alexander,
I'm so sorry that you were injured on my behalf-
So since we now know Reuben (the waiter) left the restaurant
so quickly in Austria; is it possible he knew you were
on your way to talk to him?
Since I'm still not able to recall things,
I'm going back to the Neurologist to try a new treatment.
I'm going to Egypt in a few weeks -
Can WE meet there?
Miss you.
{Once again my camera seems to blur  the writing}
Page in Book

Well as you can see I found this amazing
picture of the map of Egypt on-line.
Done in Liquidtex inks and pen.
The image on left is a die-cut from
K& Co, the other images are stamps.They
were colored using twinkling H2O's.
(Not sure you can see but they glister
in the light). The title was cut
from an ad in a  travel magazine and colored
with Gold Posca paint pen
Completed Book Page
Well it has been another great virtual travel week -
Going to be gone next week -So I will be late posting
BUT I'll let you know when I'm back up to date.
Happy Creating !
Fotojoy /Joyce


  1. Your postcard and travel book are stunning. Fabulous images and colours.

    Janet xx

    1. Thanks Janet - Can you believe only 16 weeks left? I will miss some of the group for sure...

  2. wow, love the camel silhouettes. Such depth in the colours too.

  3. Great background and silhouettes. Like the page too.
    Jen x

  4. Beautiful and emotive images. Lawrence of Arabia eat your heart out! My heart goes out to you and your family on the loss of your beautiful young niece. God Bless.

    Janet xx