Saturday, February 18, 2012


So another week and another great country to send correspondence from. You know this challenge has taught me so much--using new tools, products and learning about each country has been wonderful. This week was no different -  I really knewn very little about Wales except there once was this beautiful Princess of Wales~Diana ( whom I loved so much )- Anyways I didn't think that would be a great subject for my card- Once again I wanted  to find something unusual about Wales - besides 12 million sheep live there while only 3 million people call Wales home. So after much debate and knowing I could not use abseiling & coasteering as my topic - I turned back to another love -oceans- I LOVE the OCEAN- even though I can not swim! It just so happens a National Park is part of Pembrokeshire, Wales- Thus I have my topic & location~Now how to display the views of Pembrokeshire- Digging around the internet I happen to stumble across a great artist named Rhian Field -whom lives there (check out her work here: ) So my postcard is based on her work- using the  Pembroke Castle as my main figure.


Correspondence as follows:
Well I hope the waffles & chocolates did not get the best of you in Belgium . I completed the first phase of my treatment in China.I still have no recall of Austria , but I now know why- I have suffered a closed head injury. Unsure when this occurred but my "Healer" advised my next step to regain my memory was to travel to Wales- Pembrokeshire.  I'm staying at the St. Bride's Spa- art therapy & relaxation galore. By the way is "Alex" your full name??

Page in book with postcard in sleeve
Open view of page (still have journaling to do )
 I  have incorporated the Red Dragon , celtic cross, and "Stonehenge " cousin- (The stone from Wales is believed to have been used at there). The cross is from an actual cemetary; but is shows the Celtic knot pattern which originated in Wales.

Well Thanks You for following this weeks adventure....
                Happy Creating ,


  1. What a great postcard. Beautiful colours. You can learn so much from this challenge. Thanks for the info will check this artist out. Good story line hope she gets better soon. .....

    1. Yes it is amazing what we have learned so far doing this challenge--Problem is I'm finding so much info that I'm having a difficult time picking my topic (he-he)
      Thank You for leaving such a nice comment

  2. wow you added so much work this week Joyce, I adore the Celtic cross, and the background/sky of the card really draws you in, gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much Darcy- I too was drawn in by the background colors and knew I had to reproduce an image like Rhian's for this week's challenge.

  3. Superb postcard and book page! I really enjoyed reading about your research and learned something new.

    Janet xx

  4. The art style you used for your card is magnificent, and I am very curious about Melite's head injury too :D XXX

  5. Joyce your visuals this week have tons and tons of drama and contrast and interesting visuals to pour over. Just love it. And thanks for the heads up on the artist. I am going to check out the link. *smiles* Norma

  6. Thank You to everyone leaving comments -At the end of the long week at work this is one thing I really look forward to- the Next adventure of the Postcard challenge! Trying to view everyone's work and will comments as well.

  7. Wow, your use of colors is stunning, it does look a little frightful... Hope it's not the view from her Spa! :)

  8. Beautiful!!!! Love both the card and page so much!!

  9. Great postcard and I love your book page.
    Jen x

  10. Gorgeous vibrant colors...and of course your carte postale pocket is FAB.
    I am so interested in this storyline. Aloha