Saturday, February 4, 2012


WOW  a whole month has gone by in the postcard challenge!! I'm really enjoying the AMAZING work everyone is doing -so many interesting story lines and characters. This week Darcy picked the wonderful country of France (somewhere I hope to visit one day~so many amazing things to see there). Anyways I had a tough choice to make as to  where my characters would travel to in France.  As you recall Melite is in China ,trying to recover her "lost memory" that 'Alex' claims she is suffering from.  "Alex" has now traveled to Paris to attend the Fashion Week and take in a few of the tourist attractions.

               FRONT OF CARD
                          As you see I found a picture of downtown Paris at night time as my background.
                      Then I water colored in the eerie skyline . Next I found this amazing close up of one of the Gargoyles
                   from Notre Dame Cathedral. You can not tell it but is dimensional with the arms,legs, and head cut out
               several times, then layered with different thickness of hot glue. Really adds to the scariness of it. 

               BACK OF CARD
                     Lots of details on the back-the Carte Postale insignia was drawn on based from an old
                    Paris postcard from early 1900's- I did a little coloring with watercolor pencils- Made the stamp
              using an old stamp template I've had for years-over stamped with several French stamp images.

                   So glad to hear you're seeking treatment in China. I'm in France taking in the "Fashion Week"-hope to find a similar dress to the one you wore in Austria-Taking in the sites- LOVE the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
                   Hope by the time I get home, you will recover your memory!
                             STORED in BOOK

View of France page with postcard in place
View of pen drawing of Notre Dame Cathedral
Stay tune for the next adventure of Alex &  Melite next week~Where ever they may be...

                           Happy Creating ,


  1. Very nice card and your book page is great too. The story line just keeps getting more interesting each week!

  2. what happened to her dress in Austria???
    Your card is fabulous, wish I could see all the decoupage layers :D Looks brill against the book page too :D XXX

  3. Wherever they may be! Only Darcy knows!!! :)
    Love the France-page in your book! Your card looks a bit scary to me... Maybe that's just because I don't trust this 'Alex'-figure, at all!

    1. I know Sandy I'm not sure 'Alex' can be trusted either....

  4. wow!what a postcard!! interesting storyline

  5. fabulous card, I love how you combine the printed and layered images. Oh and the details on the back really make it special.

    1. Thanks Darcy for the inspiration to do this challenge- I have really been exploring many mediums (like watercoloring) that I did not use much of before-Can't wait for nex country!!

  6. Great postcard and I love your book page! :)

  7. Super postcard. Great gargoyle view of Paris!

    Janet xx

  8. Great sky and gargoyle. Super page in your book.
    Jen x

  9. Love the image of Paris at night. Your gargoyle is cute to.

  10. Fabulous way of creating perspective, love your gargoyle xxx

  11. Love seeing your creativity bloom each week...& the book you're storing the cards in is FAB...aloha