Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something Different to Write About

Okay when I started this adventure of "blogging" about one month ago - I mentioned I would share what I have been up to in 'the Studio'. Since I do not watch much TV, I tend to art-while listening to online movies & radio (paticularity musicals). Recently I found this superior musical called "CHESS"- It has been performed around the world in many forms since the 1980's ,but never achieved a Successful musical run;{It was actually written by the 2 of the founders of ABBA -Benny Anderson& Bjorn  Ulvaeus}~until   2007 when Tim Rice became involved in the updated version - The original version had much success with many of it's songs being recorded ,but as a whole the peformances flopped. In 2008 CHESS was performed  in concert , at Royal Albert Hall in London, England-This version is jammed packed with star performers such as Josh Groban (swoon...), Idina Menzel (won Tony for Wicked), Adam Pascal (swoon again...),and  Kerri Ellis (another Wicked  alum from UK). To say the least THIS IS A SUPERIOR musical and I hope one day it will go back on tour , because I will be in line to watch it. For a sampling I have attached a You tube version of it http://youtu.be/Mwr_o_PagsA 

                       Enjoy my blog of the week


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