Saturday, July 14, 2012


Well this week I was home more ; but still  limited time to devote to my card. My ancestors are from Germany- but I know very little of my Father's homeland- I remember as a girl scout I was fascinated by their  postage stamps so  I broke down this week and used a real stamp on my card. One thing I do know about Germany is they have many types of beers (they are the 2nd largest beer consumers in the world) & of coarse Oktoberfest is the most famous beer party all  over the world- Favorite foods are  sausages & pretzels . Famous people from Germany are many musicians such as Beethoven , Handel, Bach - Pope Benedict XVI. Levi Strauss, Rudolf Diesel Thomas Man, and many more. Famous items from Germany are  Zeppelins, BMW, gummy bears and the first printed book was in German.
The one symbol of Germany I can recall is the Kaiser Eagle - this is found all over Germany and it is the symbol of the Holy Roman Empire- My version is the old 2 headed version.

FRONT of Card
Kaiser Eagle done in ink and markers then  cut out
and placed on postcard -the background was
achieved using Distress ink -Old Paper
Shield is the Flag of Germany

 BACK of Card

I used the old "Real " stamp on the back to add some coloring.
Script on top of card is based from an old post card from Germany
Correspondence as follows:
I'm heading home from England ,
but stopped in Germany to do some more painting-
The countryside here is so tranquil.
Went to Cologne Cathedral  very  awesome -
 well worth the 600 years it took to build it.
My memory is improving-Still haven't
figured out 'Reuben' ; but I do remember
being in a dark room with vaulted ceilings...
I do remember your amazing tux in Austria-
But my dress is a blank?
Waiting for next card,

Book Page
Back to watercolor and pen work
This was based on 2 tourist posters from the 1930's
 One was an ad for traveling by Zeppelin and the other was
an ad for touring the countryside in a BMV.
I choose the items I loved best to complete the page
The Scripted Header is an example of German Fraktur
writing  ( believe that is correct )

Completed Page

Oh Yea another piece of trivia- the largest German
 word is 79 letters long-
Let's see how may of you can read this (especially after all the beer):

Happy Creating
Fotojoy / Joyce


  1. what a fantastic card. great colours.also a very good book page. a good story to....could not say that word with or without a beer :)

    1. Thanks Mags-I agree there is no way how to say that word Image if you had to learn how spell it in school...

  2. Beautiful work on your card and page. Cheers

    1. Thank you Kaylene - I had a hard time deciding what to do;so I went with the muted look on the card

  3. Superb work! Love that Zeppelin.

    Janet xx

    1. Janet Thank you so much - I wish I had the opportunity to either ride in a zeppelin or Hot Air Ballonn one day...

  4. Wonderful page and postcard. That word is impossible though!
    Jen x

    1. Yea Jen I agree wjat a WORD! Thank you for the kind comment.

  5. My favourite card and page yet....translation of that word?? google and bing hadn't a clue lol :D XXX

    1. Gina seriously I have no clue as to what the word means either and now I can't find which website it was from. Thanks for the nice comment.

  6. Just beautiful work again Joyce, I had a go at reading the word out loud, took me ages lol

    1. Yep it sure is a challenging word - Thank you so for the kind words
      It sure looks like you had a blast with the journal group!

  7. Love your card and page, wonderful work! As for the word, well I'm on my second glass of wine and I'm not even going to go there! lol M

    1. LOL Margaret! Thanks for the wonderful comment.