Saturday, July 7, 2012

PC Challenge Week 26~UNITED STATES

We Made it to the 1/2 way Point already?
 Darcy picked my homeland USA as the country this week. Using the message she provided it was a no brainer what subject I  was going to use- The sites of Route 66 in Arizona. I lived in Arizona for a brief period and made many trips on Route 66 near Flagstaff & Winslow. This is the land of volcanic craters, forests and Indian lands. I love the rich history of the  21 different tribes of Arizona especially  the Hopi, Zuni, Navajo,Ute,Yavapai,and Havasupai Indians. I have a small collection of artifacts from there including a Kachina- thus this is my card subject this week.

Front of Card
Back to my copics for this card
The Eagle Dancer Kachina
symbolizes "Strength & Power" and the
dance is one of the most grueling tribal
dances there is -
Included the blazing Arizona sun, pueblo
and saguaro cactus-all typical of the Az landscape.

Back of Card
After leaving Australia I went to the United Sates
to attend to business at the U.N.
For some fun I went to Arizona. On spare of the moment
I drove Route 66-Some strange  but beautiful sites in Arizona.
I was honored to attend a Hopi Pow Wow - the outfits &
dances were amazing! Thought of you when I saw this
EAGLE KACHINA Doll. It symbolizes
"Strength  and Power"
Miss you Deeply -
Please get well soon!!

Due to many commitments and preparing for a trip
I did not complete my page in the book yet - But come back to see it later.

Fotojoy/ Joyce


  1. wow. what a great postcard. super colours you have used. interesting story line

    1. Thank You Mags -It Is so fun to figure out how to incorporate the country into my story each week.