Monday, August 13, 2012

Postcard Challenge WEEK 32~MALTA

This week we find no new correspondence from Alexander (since India) . Since Melite is still haunted by the unknown events of Austria; in a last ditch effort she decides to make a side trip to Malta. Melite hopes by visiting all the tranquil settings of Malta; ( including the many  amazing churches) she hopes to find peace that has been missing from her life the last 6 months.  One of the amazing churches Melite visits is the San Gwann Parish Church. This is a relativity new church(1959), it was built over an old cave site where many other churches once stood .The San Gwann Parish Church was built by Capuchin Friars and the church is dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes.
One interesting Fact about  Malta is it  has over 359 churches , which equals 1 church for every Kilometer!

This is my version  of the gorgeous painting
 that hangs above the altar at
San Gwann Parish. It was done in watercolors and
a little pen work. The image is of the Virgin Mary giving
instructions to  Bernadette Soubirous to return the grotto.
(Bernadette was 14 years old when she had the first apparition.)
 Bernadette returned the grotto several times and finally dug
a hole to reveal a  stream of "Holy Water" that lead to several miracle cures.
Bernadette later became a Saint,  and  the location of the stream
became a  shrine to "Virgin Mary "
One of the  sayings Virgin Mary said to Bernadette was:
'I promise to make you Happy, Not in this
World, but in the Next'


Rather Plain back this week; but here's what Melite writes to Alexander:
"My Dearest Alexander,
Since I have  not hear back from you ; I'm assuming
you are still in India trying to save the Bengal Tigers.
I have decided to venture out on my own trip. I went to
Malta looking for some Peace from all the visions ...
I visited many old churches while here but; was predictably
drawn to two. The San Gwann Parish Church and the
Parish Church of Our Lady of Carmel in Fgura. They are
newer churches but a deep connection to  the healing
powers of the 'Virgin Mary'-
I did get blessed by the Friars here with Holy Water
and pray this may lead to 'me healing'.
I hope by the time I get back to Greek homeland
of Schiza you will have sent me a card.
Please take care of yourself ,


This is the view of Our Lady of Caramel Parish Church
in Fgura, Malta at night .  Done in acrylics  with the stain glass
windows done in watercolors - The background in was done
 shades of blues to black. The 'Malta' title was stamp
onto an image of the beautiful handmade Malta lace.


This was an interesting week of arting -
Most of my weekend was spent away from home-
Traveling to a stamp &  paper arts convention
So I will be viewing everyone's  work tomorrow.

Happy Creating


  1. Super work on the postcard and the page.
    Jen x

    1. Thank You so much Jen(hey you were the first comment this time)