Friday, August 24, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 34~JAPAN

Darcy took us  back across the ocean to Japan- I thought of many things to use for my card,  such as geisha's, warriors, dragons, anime, ninja and koi fish. Since there were so many interesting things to do ; I chose several things to put on my page: Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms, shrines and pagodas . My card was probably the easiest thing to do - Recently our world famous art museum held an exhibition on the Birds of Nature. It was small but amazing-they displayed 7 Audubon bird illustrations (including the whooping crane and American Flamingo-they were huge and amazing to see in person). There were several paintings done by Japanese artists ,most which included the crane as their subject. Anyways I think of cranes as a symbol of Japan (either  origami cranes or real cranes). The interpretation of meanings for  the crane vary , such as : Honor & loyalty, good fortune, longevity and peace (fits my storyline perfect)... So here's my work for the week.

FRONT of Card
Lots of techniques on the postcard. First I drew a crane.
Colored with Copic markers and micron pen details.
Next I used yellow green Pan pastells to color  the background.
Masked the crane and over stamped Japanese  script stamp
in black ink. Let it dry. Using white  eraser I removed a small area
of  pastel color -Added Red chop in lower left corner.
Finally a second color of green Pan pastells was used
to tone background  symbolic writing down .
 BACK of Card
"Dear Alexander,
Okay now you have me Very worried!!!
What if the waiter Reuben is the cause for my distress?
Why is it I can't even remember him?
Please be careful- I'm concerned about your safety...
I don't know what I'd do if you get hurt on my behalf!
My best friend Sophia took me on holiday
with her to  Japan. I did a little art
including this crane~which
symbolizes good fortune, longevity and peace!
Hope to See  you soon,
PAGE in Book

Several subjects on the page -First of all the center oval
picture is a watercolor of Mt Fuji- Then I drew cherry blossoms on right
side -also done with watercolors & markers
Colored entire background with several tones of pink Pan Pastells.
 Drew a shrine in lower right corner & pagoda in left corner.
These were colored in with black Pitt brush markers.
Complete Page in Book 
 This week I changed  my work up  some- I went for a more muted, pastel color scheme
Also my storyline is really heating up -
Wonder if the truth can be safely found out by Alexander?
Will Melite and Alexander meet soon?
  To Find out keep coming back to visit my Blog & PLEASE all visitors leave A comment
Love to hear what you think of the Post card challenge and my weekly art work
Happy Creating !


  1. Beautiful postcard and page! Valerie

  2. Fabulous work! Beautiful crane card and your watercolour of Mt Fuji is the tops!!

    Janet xx

  3. Wonderful card and page !!! A xx

  4. Oh it is wonderful, very well done <3

  5. brilliant postcard. love your techniques, a great page as well.

  6. great card. How do you find the pan pastels, do you love them? i haven't tried them yet, and not convinced i need them. They see to be very expensive, are they worth it?

  7. Beautiful work, both the crane and the page. The colouring work on the crane is ace.
    Jen x