Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well this posting is later than I wanted, but due to family health issues I was unable to work on the card until Saturday. I was so tickled to hear Darcy picked China as the next country ,but then again the possibilities were endless. So this left me with a tougher decision -Where should my story character  go in China? How do I take  my postcard to a new level?-How do I challenge myself to do something different? So after many debates(and a good meal at PF Chang's), I found my answer... Do a letter instead of a postcard (besides I have so many layers to my characters to tell you about and a postcard just isn't  big enough) Thanks to PF Chang's I had the perfect postcard sized envelope to use.
This envelope was be given out for a coupon  promotion, celebrating year of the dragon(perfect timing I think)-There is alot of stamping on the back using Chinese script and bamboo as well-

This is the letter inside written to "Alex"as follows:

"Alex, Well I see you're finally telling me your first name-how nice, but I tell you I still do not remember "our Night" in Vienna.
Apparently a few things are blurry from that night , therefore on the advice of my family & friends , I decided to go to China, and seek 'healing'. As you may know China has many great traditional medical care;such as wonderful teas, herbs and natural chemicals. I'm doing a new therapy through the Performing Arts. I hope by dancing, singing, painting and playing a musical instrument I can gain my memory back. Maybe you are not aware of it, but music is the center part of character for medicine and can enhance my concentration.
I shall be staying at the Dragonfly Therapeutic Center in Suzhou, China until further notice.


Since I'm doing this challenge I have been thinking of a way to keep  my cards in order and how do I supplement my  storyline at the same time. I have seen many postings on books everyone made to store the cards in - But nothing struck me as to how I wanted to do mine...Until I was at the Office Depot and it hit me--Use page protectors , cut them down to size and hook them onto the pages several different ways. SO I decided on a book format (This may get very thick ,but it is a story), which means I can just add more signatures as I need them. These pages would allow me to tell more of the story and add more art to my "book"-ENJOY the start...

                                                    SPAIN (pc down)  

                                                    SPAIN (pc up)
                                                    AUSTRIA(pc down)
                                                    AUSTRIA (pc up)

                                              BRAZIL to be  share at a later date.

So  as you can see I now have a home for my postcards and a way to share more of the story line. Until next week -
                                              Happy Creating,


  1. Beautiful new storage system :D, and your story is coming along starting to worry a little about why she can't remember meeting Alex :S XXX

  2. Great idea for your postcard. I love your storage book. Your artwork is brilliant.

    Janet xx

  3. Love your postcard and your book is beautiful! I too am wondering why Melite cannot remember about that night!

  4. Great postcard and fab idea for storage. Your story is intriguing, Ill be back next week !

  5. What a GREAT book! I love it! ♥
    Can you make me one too? Just kidding! (But really would love one like that to store my cards... :))
    The letter idea is good! I might steal that idea somewhere in the future too... :)
    I'm glad you could 'steal' a crafty Saturday and share your Art with s this week!!! Hope the family is up and running by now and you have more time for this weeks challenge! ♥

  6. I did not even know you had a blog, and GREAT art on the cards, Joyce! Must get moving on improving my card holder also. Back for more, next week!

    1. Gina I did not have a blog until I started this challenge. I wanted to start one for a long time,but with this challenge I felt it was appropiate to tell more of the story. So I hope you come back often to visit.

  7. aww your book is fabulous, so much work but so worth it. So glad you found time to have some arty fun.

  8. I think your idea for the book is really neat. Love the use of the envelope as well. It's funny the places inspiration strikes.

  9. Good idea for storage. Clever to use the letter.
    Jen x

  10. Oh, Miss Foto Joyce,
    I am so pleased to follow along vicariously with your Inspired Talent. You Go Girl!