Sunday, June 10, 2012

PC Challenge Week 23~POLAND

Week 23  brings us to Poland -Once known as the Land of Rainbows? Not sure where that originated from ,but it used to be a slogan for tourism in the late 40-50's. I know when Darcy posted Poland my first thought was of Lenin and all the conflicts of wars. But since that really did not flow with my story line I did a little research. On the advice of  a  good friend; she suggested that since Pope John Paul II was from Poland maybe I could use that somehow. So I used the Pope as a starting point - found out he went to university at Jagiellonian in Krakow. He was formerly known as Karol Wojtyla and was the archbishop to Krakow. [Which happens to be the 2nd largest city in Poland & also the oldest city in Poland] Krakow(Cracow) was known as the "Royal City"of Poland for a long time. Today Krakow is home to many companies such as IBM, Motorola, GE, Delphi ,Hitachi, Philip Morris-Because there are so many universities and large companies housed there the city is considered the  national academic & artistic center of Poland.

FRONT of Card
This card was a LABOR of love & time - took almost 16 hours to do-
This was inspired by a poster done in the 1940's- I fell in love
with all the white outlines of the buildings and just was so drawn
to it I had to try to re-produce it... So after several attempts to draw it I gave
up and just went with it - The water coloring was a challenge -
Hard to get browns to look correct BUT the worse was getting the fine
white lines of the detailing- Several pens later I decided on a dip pen and here's
the end result- (the trees ,ship and banner were cut from the original card)

BACK of Card
Well since I have not heard from you in England, I decided to take a chance and write to you anyways.  It did make me feel good in a way; to know you were worried about me. I’m sorry you felt I was being secretive about my job, but in time you will understand why. Have you had any further ‘visions’ about Austria? With your permission I can ask a friend of mine to check out our  activities- So let me know.
   I’m in Kracow, Poland attending to some work investments –I'll be home soon!
Hope to hear from you soon!!

PAGE in Book
Page in book now shows part of "The Old City" of
Krakow  today-this part of the city which is on the
UNESCO World Heritage list.
(Also done in watercolors ) Some of the famous people of Poland are shown
along the bottom of the page -Copernicus, Chopin, Madame Curie and Pope John Paul II.

Completed Page


Happy Creating Everyone!


  1. wow that was certainly a labour love. what a wonderful postcard and also your page. great colours....

    1. Thanks Mags -even though I wish I had done better with the white detailing it did turn out fairly well. Now I'm off to see everyone's work!

  2. This is an awesome postcard. Love the effect you have achieved. Great artwork. Like your page too.
    Jen x

    1. Thanks Jen-like I noted the original piece is totally amazing! It's strange how I happen to stumble onto some amazing art work ~and I'm learning so much about these countries

  3. it is FUN TAB YOU LESS - I love it! awesome detail & the colors are super

    xxxx (well I couldn't very well have 3 x's)

    1. Thanks Jamie-The original poster is really amazing -it has a lot more Fine detailing on it.

  4. The work you've done on that card is amazing...I am very impressed!...and still no wiser as to his job title!!! Melite is going to be miffed lol :D XXX

    1. Gina TY for the kind words-- Yea isn't it so tortuous on only getting little information each week? Thank You for checking out my "creations " each week.

    2. I loved the way you represented my "Old Country" home. Your card looks great. You are certainly talented.
      I didn't know about the Land of Rainbows. I'll have to check on that.

    3. Karolina Thanks for the nice compliment- I apprecite it so Much!
      So I did your Country well Eh?