Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week 25 Postcard Challenge~AUSTRALIA

I was so excited to learn week 25 in the challenge was taking us to Australia- This is on my bucket list of places I would LOVE to visit!! If  I ever get the chance to "Go Down Under" it will be to the GREAT BARRIER REEF. I have always loved the beautiful fish and coral from the area. I have been wanting to do a watercolor of Clownfish for a long time -had this image in my file from the internet -so it was perfect for my card

Front of Card
This was another labor of love- (*8 hours)-First everything was outlined
in copic gray pen- The Clownfish were water colored in Daniel Smith
watercolors.Anemone took forever- wanted them to be translucent
so I used several colors of twinkling H2O's(forgot glimmer
makes it difficult to take decent pictures)-
Then all the  fingers were outlined in black Pitt pen.
Detailing done to fish  with more Pitt pens

Back of Card
After being home for about a month I decided to get some
R& R-Was tempted to head to England,
but wasn't  sure if it was proper timing. So I'm in
Australia- My  co-workers have told me
how peaceful it  was to scuba dive the
GREAT BARRIER REEF. And it is so relaxing~
only wish you were here-
Next time you will be here with me!
I'm so upset the "visions" persist~
Hopefully the new therapist will help.
Off to Fraser & Tiwi Islands- Plan
to buy some fabulous art!
Hoping for Peace for you soon,
xxooxx "

Background is a print of Tiwi art work done in
gray Copic pen-light wash of white watercolor and splatter of pink

Page in Book

After spending so much time on the card I took
a shortcut on the page- The main image is of the
Barrier Reef I downloaded form Wipikedia.
Just loved all the coral and the bright blue starfish.
I added the Hawk nose Turtle  and more fish
to the image. The lettering is from a
poster  advertising the movie 'Australia'-
Outlined and colored with white poster paint pens.
(In honor to  the Aussie actors Hugh Jackman &Nicole Kidman)
I loved that movie for the scenery (and of  coarse Hugh!)-
So this why I fell in love with Australia!

Card in Book

 So another completed page in my book .
Hope everyone had a great time visiting Australia!


Happy Creating ,
 Fotojoy/ Joyce


  1. You found Nemo!!!! :) great postcard

    1. Sheri you crack me up -Boy you were fast~ First to leave a comment! Will be off tomorrow to visit everyone else's pages.See you around.

  2. WoW! you did an awesome job! I believe the H2O were a perfect paint to use, on my screen I even get a bit of that shimmer. Lovely

    1. Thanks Jamie- Glad the shimmer shows- had to take picture 5 times to avoid flash whiteout!

  3. wow soooo much work involved, jeez this really was a labour of love. Well done, you created a brilliant card. I love both the back and the front.

    1. Thank You Darcy - I love how it turned out too. This challenge has made me stick to a schedule -Besides I'm using supplies that haven't been used in a long time...

  4. Absolutely beautiful postcard. The anenomes are perfect, very translucent and shimmering in the water. Smashing book page too. A treat for the eyes.

    Janet xx

    1. Janet Thank You So much for the kind words.
      This is almost the 1/2 way point -And I'm Loving It!
      -I hope more people stay involved!

  5. lots and lots work has be done on this postcard. wonderful. beautiful colours.

    1. Mags Thank you the nice comment - it's the end result that made it all worth the time!

  6. Great work, that coral looks amazing. Fabulous postcard, love it.
    Jen x

    1. Thanks Jen- are you hanging in there with the challenge? I hope so because I love seeing all the wonderful work!

  7. Stunning page and card Joyce! ...and the relationship between Alex and Melite appears to be much deeper than she remembers :D XXX

  8. Keep on painting and creating Joyce....such inspiration. You have such talent!!