Saturday, June 16, 2012

PC Challenge Week 24~ITALY

Week 24 finds the challenge  in ITALY~ A place I hope one day to visit-There are so Many amazing sites in Italy -that it was hard to choose one place BUT I did choose to visit ~GENOA. A place that is extra special ,because I was raised in a town called Genoa- Genoa is: the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, 6th largest city in Italy, home to a wealthy seaport and it has the most amazing cathedrals!(diSan Lorenzo, Basilica SS Annunziata del Vastato, Basilica of Nostra Signora) The main centre of town revolves around Piazza del Ferrari (famous  Opera house is located here). My subject for my card is an image from Staglieno Cemetery (this cemetery has the most decorative statues and monuments I have every seen ) .Just thought this image followed my storyline perfectly...

Front of Card
Back to my Copics markers to do this image.
This beautiful angel is a full scale tombstone marker
in Staglieno Cemetery.

Back of Card
Just received your last postcards-
Since arriving in England my “Visions” have become more frequent and ‘dark’. The front of this card is a depiction of one such image- Since you have been unable to provide information as to the events of Austria; I have sought assistance from a hypo-therapist here. So please Do Not contact your friend to “dig around” my life! My stay in England will be extended- if you’re near Devonshire –drop in for tea.
My friends are in Italy- lots of time to paint-so they mailed this for me.
Take care of yourself,

Page in Book
Since there are so many great things to see in Italy-
I made a photo collage of all the things to see:(clockwise)
Coliseum in Rome
  Duomo Cathedral in Milan
Monument to Christopher Columbus in Genoa
Seaside House in Capria
Canal Boat in Venice
Colorful Seaside city of Genoa

Completed Page in Book

So another 'chapter 'of the weekly 
Postcard Challenge is over -so
onto the  next destination.

Happy Creating,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sheri I'll be viewing everyone's post later today

  2. goose bumps! A weeping angel? not the kind of image I'd be wanting hidden inside my memories. Can really feel Melite's anger starting to surface too :D Gorgeous card and page :D XXX

    1. Gina Thank You - Yes Melite is very upset with "Things " right now -Lets hope she can have a breakthrough in England....

  3. great card!looks super on your page

    xoxo <3

    1. Thanks Jamie- Loving using my copics on this challenge.

  4. Love your card especially. One of my favorite things to photograph in our travels is cemeteries...I adore the statues at the gravesites.
    This was perfect for your story...


    1. Thanks Abby - You know what I like to go to old cemeteries too when I go to new places- Check out the information about the Stagileno Cemetery -it houses many amazing Markers!

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    1. Thanks Cindy - Wish more people would post & leave comments.. It is so good to have people's input after the time we Put into making the cards.

  6. wow! what a beautiful postcard.. and I love your page for your postcard. and thanks for the info a good read.

    1. Thank You Margaret- I think I visited everyone's glorious blogs yesterday- We are an interesting bunch of "information spies" Maybe when this over we all can be tour guides?

  7. Amazing postcard, love what you have done.
    Jen x

    1. Thanks Jen - went a little simplier this week on the card ,but it turned out fairly well.

  8. Stunning card! love the intensity and shades of the Copics, your sky is especially cool! M

    1. Thanks-You liked the sky?- I wasn't sure if it looked right; but I left it alone and posted it anyways

  9. Fabulous postcard. Brilliant effect with the Copics. Such a beautiful and sad angel.

    Janet xx

    1. Janet I felt the same way when I saw the photo- so sad But beautiful too. Thanks for the kind comments.