Sunday, June 3, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 21~ENGLAND

Well I'm back from Holiday as you Brits say...This posting is late as I was away on vacation last week, therefore I was unable to post my challenge before I left...                                                   
 Darcy lead all of us to her homeland of ENGLAND- So many choices so I just did a large collage  on my page - My dearest Friend (whose Mother lived in England) had been to Warwick Castle a few years ago- so I did a Knight in shining armour in her honor.

Front of Card
 The background was done on bristol board using Lindy Sprays (at least 4 colors)-
Then I found a picture of Warwick's Castle and a Knight during a jousting match -
collaged together and details added using Pitt Markers.
By the way if you ever get a chance to see a jousting match they are spectacular-
Every year near where I lived they re-enactments of the  Celtic Games, the shows are Amazing.

Back of Card

Correspondence as follows:
"Dearest Alexander,
Finally you write back!!If you only knew how worried
I was when you did not respond to my previous letters.
These last minute trips you take make me wonder what you are up to?
Whenever I asked you questions about Austria you are so vague-
As well you do not give me the specifics of your work...
You seem to know alot about me -but I can't remember
anything about you- I need answers
not more questions about who you are?
So I'm  going to England for a month to visit friends.
Melite "

 Page in Book

The inspirations came from a tourist poster for London I found
on the inter-net. About 10 steps to this page-
Images I includes was the "Eye" Ferris Wheel-
London Bridge- Big Ben-
double-decker bus-Telephone Booth
and of coarse a Royal Guard.
Stamped "England "in white and used white paint
paint to brighten up white on the red

Completed Page

So Enjoy this page and remember
Happy Creating,


  1. Hope you had a lovely "vacation" Joyce :D Your England card is fabulous. Hubby took me to Warwick castle last year, it is AWESOME! You need 2 days just to look round it properly!!! Glad Melite is finally standing up for herself, she/we needs to know what's going on with Alexander! :D XXX

  2. Thanks Gina for the kind words - My dear friend said it was the best castle experience they had while touring her "Homeland"- And yes Melite -needs answers!

  3. welcome back, the card is lovely. Great collaging. I would love to see a jousting match, though I would worry the whole time for the safety of the horses lol not the men lol

    1. Darcy Thanks - The jousting is very safe; the event I went to kept the horses as their top priority- If they bulked at the start of the match they would dismount and walk the horse until calm- If they were not able to be calmed they forfeit the joust- So if you have a chance to see one at a castle -Do it!