Friday, November 23, 2012


 By now we  should have  celebrated our  Thanksgiving -went shopping  for those "buys" of Black Friday. NOT ME!!

 I have been taking it easy today - just being THANKFUL for spending all of yesterday with my parents & family. (even though many tears flowed during grace; given the events of the last 2  1/2 months) The food was great (ate way to much!) and as a Family we have all changed so much- We have always been close family; BUT now we show it much more. Even the young nieces and nephews hugged everyone yesterday and told  All of us how much they loved us as they departed. My father's health  has continued to decline; but he was able to speak for brief periods throughout the day, and he LOVED the mashed up pumpkin pie! My Brother was able to attend , he looked weak ,but his appetite was good. (Considering 2 weeks ago it was touch and go with him)- He has a long way to go in his recovery - we just have to make sure he takes the prescribed medications so his kidneys do not decline again.{ he would be described as a non-compliant patient in the medical world}

So as life goes on; I  have realized a cornucopia of issues occur in every one's life.
BUT I'm finally realizing in OUR darkest hours ; peace,
 love and Joyful memories are possible-
the pain  is  easing  as the days pass...
 We just need to ask for help when we need it,
reach out to our Loved Ones,
keep our Faith in our maker ,
and we can Be BLESSED in the mist of such horrific tragedies.
and I wish You a Start to a

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