Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WEEK 42 PC Challenge~~RUSSIA

Well here's a catch up card and page completed. This was a week I was so looking forward too-just wish I had been able to complete the card that week.

View of Cathedral of Vasity in Red Square.
Done in watercolors and pen.
Statue was cut out from photograph
Back of CARD
Reads as Follows:
"My Dearest Love,
Sophie and I went to Russia to explore the great museums,
 and to go the wonderful Bolshoi Ballet.
My thoughts are always of you & wishing
we can met soon. The night terrors have lessen
now with the discovery of my attack in Austria.
Still unsure how Reuben ;or whoever accomplished
such an act as I  still have no recall of it happening.
(the doctors state this is normal)
Doing lots of paintings while here, including the
Cathedral of Vasity on the front of this card.
My Love always,

  This was a labor of time to complete- First of all
the image was based from a an old magazine ad.
I outlined the basic building in light blue colored pencil.
 Then water colored entire page with a very light wash of turquoise blue .
Next I went over certain areas to get the blueprint appearance
with Prisamacolor Verithin colored pencil.
Next step was more water coloring with Antwerp Blue to ad
bold details. Since this took so long
I just cut out the image of the Ballerina from another ad.
Russia title hand draw and colored with Pitt pens.

Well Once again I enjoyed the process for making these entries.
Happy Creating!
Fotojoy/Joyce A.


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    1. Thank You Jamie -This is one of my favorites done in the last few months...