Friday, January 13, 2012

Darcy's Post Card Challenge 2012

In the last year I have made some wonderful ART friends through several arenas, such as blogs, you tube videos , and ustream. I have hosted several swaps and joined several challenges; but this past December a challenge went out that I could not ignore. There is this wonderful artist from the UK Darcy W. who has put out a 52 week challenge to join a Post card challenged based on my favorite Mixed Media artist named Nick Bantock. Nick has written several books; including the Giffin & Sabine trilogy. The premise behind the books is that Giffin& Sabine correspond back and forth for several years , by either postcards or letters. Many of the letters/postcards are sent from 'fanasty worlds' and are colleagued pieces of work. Nick actually had a complete line of stationary, cards, rubber stamp images and ink pads produced  to match his artwork in these books(of coarse I had several of these products).So when Darcy posted this challenge I had to join. The challenge is a weekly prompt of a country from where the postcard will be sent from . So check back weekly to see my postings on this challenge.

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