Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 1 of Postcard challenge ~Austria

So here's how the postcard challenge works as  Darcy posted the following instructions:
- Step one ...create 2 characters, and 2 addresses.
whatever you want. the address can be anywhere in the world as long as they are fictitious. All you need to start with is a name for each person and an address for each person
Step two... cut out 52 postcards. You can use whatever you want, plain card, textured card, patterned card, watercolour paper...whatever you want, as long as they are 6inches x 4 inches.
If you wish to join in every week you will need 52, you may only want to join in fortnightly, or even monthly in which case you need less cards.
Step three...make or buy a book. you need enough pages for all your cards, depending on how often you are joining in.
Step four...decide how you will attach the cards into the book, you must be able to take them you could use a pocket on each envelope...or bought/hand made photo corners...

So on every Monday she posts a name of a country from which the postcard/correspondence is to originate from . 
This was the exciting part of the challenge ;developing the characters names and how they met to start the mailings back and forth.
As times goes on I will reveal more of the characters information , such as name, where they meet, what they do for living etc. This adventure will be Fun for all.


 So I thought okay; Austria- what do I  know about this beautiful country. Plenty of art , museums and of course Music.  But with my two characters I developed , this seemed to be a  Huge Mountain to climb over~ how could they meet, where could they hook up at etc... It took me until mid week to come up with my idea on how these 2 characters would meet in Austria---> A fund raiser Gala in Vienna, at the Kunsthistorides Museum Giuseppe Exhibit. This was all I needed- I was off to the races to develop my first postcard.Enjoy the start of the adventure!!
This is the front of the postcard-which is a copy of the famous Giuseppe Archimbold mixed media artwork at the museum. Giuseppe loved to use unusual  objects to make his artwork such as fruit, vegetables and pieces of found items like wood, twigs and keys. The background has multi layers of distress inks then over stamped in script writing, maps and textures to give it the distressed look.
Back of postcard
This is being sent to Melite Ikakia of the tiny island of Peloponnese after the fundraising event in Vienna. Of course the character sending the card is only know as A.I.G. and 'he' is thanking Melite for making the Gala more enjoyable...

More to follow next week.
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  1. Ohh likey the card and the idea :) can't wait to see this weeks card

  2. Thanks Kerri -This challenge is so inspiring to me -Hope I can keep a good story line going....