Saturday, January 14, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 2 ~SPAIN

So the adventures continues in the Postcard Challenge. This week Darcy's prompt was the country SPAIN. What a good choice, beautiful country,many things to write about , interesting language and a vivid art culture is very alive in Spain.

So let's pick up from last week's start of the story. First  of all A.I.G. has sent a postcard to Melite Ikakia from Vienna, Austria to her home in Peloponnese ; thanking "Her" for making the fund raiser gala at the Kunst Historsches Museum enjoyable. So who is A.I.G. ? Who is Melite Ikakia? These are questions that will be solved as the correspondence continues. But in order for the story to continue Melite must find out who A.I.G. is so she sends a letter to the GrandHotel Wein in Vienna, Austria  to obtain A.I.G.'s address.(this is where the postmark was from on the first postcard, she was a guest there for the fund raiser gala as well). After several months the Concierge from the Grand  Hotel ,responds  back that a guest know as A.I.G. did stay there;and he   fowards Melite that address.

                          [this is a watercolor picture  I did of the Cantabria coastline in Spain]                                                       
Melite has now gone on 'Holiday ' to  Cantabria, Spain to do some research for her business, see the country side and of course do some artwork. Melites decides  she will send a postcard back to A.I.G. while she is in Spain reguesting ,"He" reveal his name to her,  how they met , how "He" obtained her name, and address etc.
Another piece of the plot is revealed . A.I. G. lives in Sepaqvilla, SV- Um wonder what part of the world that is located  in....

 So the story continues.....


  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words about the artwork--More to come...

  2. ooooo you made a blog!!! yay! i shall change your links now to bring ppl here instead of flickr.

    Love your spanish card x

    1. Great darcy I was wondering how to change it

  3. Yay, a blog too! You make beautiful postcards! ♥
    Can't wait to see more of you... :)

  4. So glad you joined and are treating us to the postacards, ,art, story AND A blog!

  5. Gorgeous artwork, I could dive right into that water, mmm & the plot thickens :)

  6. lovely card & thanks for sending the link :-)

  7. Gorgeous landscape watercolor! I'm wondering where they met, too. :)

  8. beautiful artwork, loving your characters cant wait to see what you do next week :)

  9. love the watercolor landscape...color so rich. looking forward to finding out more about the characters.

  10. fab artwork and beginning to the story xxx

  11. Lovely coastline drawing and intriging story.